Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Review of The Morning Star: Shadow of the Templar

  • I was talking about Gentleman Thieves on Facebook and this series was recommended. Review below.

  • The Morning Star: Shadow of the Templar

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    Simon Drake is an up-and-coming young FBI hotshot, an agent with a personal track record so outstanding that it borders on unbelievable. Not yet thirty, he's already the leader of his own special ops team; a ragtag bunch of talented but nigh-uncontrollable lunatics, it's true, but under Simon's inspired leadership they're a force to be reckoned with, a team with an unparalleled success rate, a team with an almost unblemished record--until now.

    Jeremy Archer is the brilliant and unpredictable scion of a long line of international art thieves, simultaneously a phenomenally wealthy English socialite and one of the most infamous criminals in the world. At twenty-seven years old he's already wanted on nearly every continent for thefts totalling more than ninety-one million dollars, and yet no one has ever come close to catching him--until now.

    May the best man win.

Review: To cut a long story short, I was debating writing a Gentleman Thief series, and one of my Facebook friends pointed me in the direction of this book. I spent last night reading this into the wee hours when I should have been sleeping. What a glorious tale of one upmanship between an FBI agent and his team, and an art thief of the Gentleman variety. Think Raffles or the Saint, but in a modern setting. There are plenty of homages to the genre including the character's nickname, and I belly laughed through the book. There's humour, and fast paced action, and a bucketful of sexual tension. I loved this book and I'm itching for payday to buy the rest of the series.

** I read the rest of the series. I'm not going to read them all, but oh, what a glorious week reading these books.

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