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Review of Solo Honeymoon from Lisa Worrall

Solo Honeymoon from Lisa Worrall

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As Sue Brown and I walked around the streets of Venice, I knew I had to set a story there. I’d wanted to go to Venice for as long as I can remember, you know? So when I had the opportunity to attend the first Italian MM Romance convention, I jumped at the chance. It was everything I’d imagined and more, so much more. St Mark’s Square, The Basilica, the street vendors, the gondolas, the canals, and the people... the people were wonderful. So welcoming, so warm.

When I started writing Solo Honeymoon, I knew I wanted Leo to see Venice through the eyes of someone who lived there. Someone who could take him to lesser known, less touristy parts, although he did see St Mark’s Square and The Basilica. Leo’s experience was mine. His wonder as he walked into that beautiful church was mine and it was wonderful to be able to write from the heart; which is where I’ll keep my memories of that wonderful weekend forever.


Leo Barratt hadn't written his bucket list, but he was pretty sure there were several things he wouldn't have put on it. Like... waking up to a Dear John letter from his fiance, Eric, the day before their wedding... or going on his honeymoon - alone.

But, under the strict instructions of his mother, he found himself in Venice at Bauta, the beautiful bed and breakfast where he'd supposed to have started off married life. Instead, he planned to spend three weeks inside his room and wait for the pain to go away.

Or at least that's what he thought...

Bauta, was run by Matteo Leghissa and his mother, Luana. Used to getting his own way, Matteo refused to allow Leo to wallow in self-pity and appointed himself as Leo's official guide.

Apparently, falling in love with a beautiful stranger wasn't on Leo's bucket list either but.....

Review: I have a disclaimer to make. As I visited Venice with Lisa I am utterly biased and totally in love with Venice and Solo Honeymoon.

Right, onto the review. As ever I'm not going to recap the plot. I love Lisa's style of writing. She manages to combine a lyrical style of prose without ever descending into the purple variety. Lisa always gets me invested in her characters. I wanted to nail Eric to the wall for hurting Leo. Then Leo meets Matteo and his mother, and you just know they are meant to be. But, like all good love stories, they both have baggage and secrets to overcome. I was cheering them on from the moment Leo and Matteo meet on a cobblestones. A lovely story in a beautiful city.

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  1. Thank you! There is no one else I'd have rather seen that glorious city with xx