Tuesday, 7 June 2016

When I first started to write.

I miss my fanfic writing days,
when words tumbled out of me so quickly, my fingers couldn't keep up.
I spent the daytime playing with ideas and plots in my mind,
then as soon as the kids were in bed, I sat down and poured them onto the screen.
So many ideas just waiting for me to bring them to life,
the voices talking incessantly in my brain.
I miss the thrill of posting something everyday, whether my story was 100 words or 10000,
When you didn't worry about 'rules' but wrote for the joy.
and the immediate response from people who wanted to read what you'd written.
Now there are no voices,
the visceral need to write that dominated my world has gone.
It might return,
maybe it needs a nudge to find new ideas and interests.
But I miss those early fanfic days.
because it was all-consuming,
and it led to a whole new world.


  1. Me too. That feeling when you finished a chapter and got to post it and people wanted to read - positive feedback every day nearly. I used to write in any spare moment arriving early at work to get even a few words written then. I didn't worry about POV or words not to use or spg too much as it was all about the story. I still have some voices but now feel overwhelmed at rules and worrying who I might offend. Maybe I'll write some. I have a Supernatural idea so maybe.

  2. My fanfiction masterpiece was a 204K word Draco/Harry Luke/Noah crossover. It spawned 4 sequels, the longest of which was 148K words (the popular side relationship was Neville/Krum, and I gave them their own story). It felt so effortless. I miss that a lot.

  3. Yeah, I've also reached that point where I stop and wax nostalgic for the good old days, when writing was more experimental, crazy, and carefree. Someone should map the maturation progress of a writer as I think I've reached the middle-age part of it.

  4. ahhh... the SPN J2 days... {{{HUGS}}}