Thursday, 7 July 2016

Missing My Sister

My late sister's birthday was a couple of days ago. It was a bad day for me. Usually I'd phone my other sister and we'd cry about how how much we missed her, but she is on holiday, and wouldn't let me hide away in her suitcase.  I kept typing Facebook statuses about how I missed my sister, but in the end I deleted them, as it was just a 'look at me, I need sympathy' status. (yes, I know this is a look at me, I need sympathy post)

Instead I curled up on the sofa, nursed my cold/allergies, and thought about my sister. I've typed and retyped this out, and in the end, I just want to keep my private and professional life separate. It's enough to tell you I miss her chirpy voice on the phone. I miss the rare occasions I saw her. She was a force for good, and she's left a huge hole in my universe.

My sister was a special person. I won't forget her.

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