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Have You Read Letters From a Cowboy?

Letters from a Cowboy is in the Morning Report universe (and has some very hot cowboys making a guest appearance), but set in 1954. If you've read Luke's Present, the significance of the letters will become clear.


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Simon Wood arrives at Tamar Ranch looking for a job after being fired from his last position for seducing the boss's son. It doesn’t take much for him to prove his skills with horses, so he’s taken on, but soon he clashes hard with Chip Henson.

The animosity between them hides something very different, but not for long. No matter how hard they try to resist their attraction, eventually they give in to their need. They start leaving notes for each other, and others notice and warn them to be more careful.

Fearful of discovery, Simon leaves Tamar Ranch to save Chip’s job. When he learns that his departure sent Chip off the rails, he knows he needs to risk everything and go back for him.

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Letters From a Cowboy

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One year earlier. January 12, 1954. Tamar Ranch

“THIS IS Simon. He’s taking Mickey’s bunk.”

The foreman introduced Simon to the rest of the hands, a mixture of Anglo and Mexican. The young Mexican boy in the corner narrowed his eyes and every muscle in Simon tensed, prepared for a confrontation. Simon didn’t recognize him. He looked barely wet behind the ears, but the hand just nodded at him and went back to his food. Simon relaxed a fraction, praying he hadn’t forgotten the kid in some drunken fumble somewhere dark. He had to be careful and keep his cock in his pants. He couldn’t afford to let the rumors start again.

“They can introduce themselves.” The foreman left him standing awkwardly at the table.

No one seemed that interested in him. They grunted and went back to their dinner.

“There’s food left over if you want some.” The missus waved a ladle at one of the huge pans.

“Please, ma’am,” Simon said respectfully, and his stomach growled in response. He hadn’t eaten more than some bread in three days, and the smell of stew and fresh-baked biscuits made his mouth water.

One of the men got to his feet. “Sit here. I gotta check on Li’l Daisy. She was favoring her leg.” He took his plate over to the stone sink in the corner.

Simon muttered his thanks and sat down. The missus placed a huge plate of food in front of him.

“I wish we had Mickey here,” the foreman said. “He knew what he was doing with the horses.”

Simon paused midmouthful. “I know some about horses.”

“We all know some, cowboy,” said one of hands. “We just don’t know enough.”

Simon looked at the hand who’d spoken. Solid body, weathered face, dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a sardonic expression aimed at him. The guy had one of those movie star chins—like… what was his name? That Kirk Douglas fella.

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Morning Report Stories

On a ranch, there’s plenty to stand in the way of two men finding romance and their happily ever after—long hours of work, lack of communication, and the expectations of others. But for these cowboys, no obstacles can keep them from realizing their passion and love.

Luke’s Present
Luke Murray and Simon Bryan have been running the Lost Cow Ranch together for twelve years, sharing a bed and a life, but since the aftermath of the flood, Simon is afraid they’ve lost their way. A wedding on the ranch makes them realize they want a deeper commitment to each other—one with rings.

Letters From a Cowboy
When Simon Wood comes to Tamar Ranch, what begins as animosity between him and Chip Henson soon evolves into something very different. They give in to their need, but they’re taking a big risk leaving letters for each other. Soon Simon must choose between leaving the ranch to save Chip’s job or taking an even bigger risk and going back for him.

Reviews for Letters From a Cowboy:

5* from Bayou Book Junkie: I was almost automatically transported back in time as I started reading, as if I were in a movie like Giant, perhaps. The writing style, language, the descriptions and all that the characters had to go through in the book just made the experience richer, fuller and definitely better all-around.

5* from Becky Condit: There is an HEA to this book, although it is not an easy road to get to it. Sue Brown writes us back in time and then forward again to take us full circle in the Morning Report series. Beautifully done and a book that was needed to provide a backstory for not only the characters of the series but also an important part of the history of gays in America. It may make you cry and cringe but in the end we come back to love is love. I highly recommend this book, which can be read as a stand alone novel, and the entire Morning Report series.

4 1/2* from Love Bytes: At the end of the book, we have a tie back to the present day Morning Report stories. I will say Ms. Brown that you made me teary eyed at the end of the book! Great job!I highly recommend this book. It is not necessary to read the other books in the Morning Report Series first, but I would highly recommend them all!

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