Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Last week, this week and the weekend

I'm a bit distracted at the moment. Last week we had a death in the family. My brother's lovely partner passed away. She was a true lady and has left a hole in our universe.

I also had a meeting regarding something huge. I can't talk about it until the weekend and IT'S KILLING ME to keep quiet! This week I'm trying to catch up with work, and get ready for the UK Meet at the weekend in Southampton. My lovely son prepared the swag for me and it's all ready to go.

I know I'm supposed to be doing another ducks in a row series, but I got tied up with some emergency writing (yes, I'd forgotten I owed a story), and then it was my monthly Outside the Margins at Prism Book Alliance where I was venting about the predictability of crime shows.

Yesterday, my son and I took the dogs for a walk. We stopped at the food hut on Epsom Downs to discover it was race day. So we ate the best burgers ever in the sunshine and watched a horse race. In the 21 years I've lived two miles from the race course, it's the first time I've seen an actual race.

I'm concentrating on an M/F, Lady Dunn, Magpie Lover in September, then the first in my new M/M series Alpha Barman in October. I will show my shiny new cover for Alpha Barman in a separate post.

Today, I have some writing time with the lovely Clare London at the 'office'. This might be my last writing time until next week so I'm going to make the most of it.

Must go and make nice to my Dyson. The dog hair is overtaking the house.

Much love,

Sue xx

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