Monday, 15 August 2016

This Week's Writing and Publishing Plans

It's a bright, sunny Monday morning in South London. My house is still standing after my daughter's weekend birthday party and for once, relatively tidy. I spent Saturday clearing up and Sunday recovering from cleaning! Thank you to lovely neighbours who took me in, fed me BBQ and gave me a bed for the night, so my daughter could party without her old ma standing over her. 

I managed to submit my R&R (revise and resubmit) for my Dreamspun Desire to my publisher last night. So today I'm focusing on a new story. I have plans and I want to get it sketched out before it leaks out of my brain. I'm also getting my hair coloured, so it's all pretty for the UK meet, and catching up with work. 

This week I'm focusing on revising Morning My Angel, so I can get it to the editor by the end of the
month. I'm aiming for a publication date of 22nd September.
My lovely betas (and I thank you all very much) have sent back their opinions and now I've got to do the hard work.
I don't usually get a number of betas involved. I had a bad experience with a beta in my early days which totally blocked me writing for about six months. However, MMA is outside my usual purview and I really needed advice before I sent it to my editor.

What else have I got planned? We're digging up the stones and making the garden pretty. I had let it get over-grown, but now my son wanted to get it under control again. All power to his elbow. I'm going to write and he can dig.

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