Monday, 22 August 2016

This week's writing plans: The Case of the Missing Phone

I have spent the last few days rewriting Morning My Angel. I've added 2k to it so far, thanks to my beta pointing out I needed to expand a scene... which turned into a whole new chapter.

I'm working from combined documents, and I giggled madly at a chorus of 'his phone is at the bottom of the Thames', when I had my hero switch off his phone after it had been dropped in the river.

I've promised to get it to my editor by the 25th so I have to pull my finger out to get it finished. None of the betas, bar one. liked the start, but I'm struggling to think of a new start that conveys what I what to say about my hero. I need to add 4k as a rewritten start. Not impossible as a word count but hard when you like your start and no one else does. #writerswoes

After the rewrites I want to focus on one of my het books. I'm loathe to talk too much about it until I have at least half the book the book written. At the moment it's more a nebulous theory than a proper story. Then I have an alpha male novella to finish. I've paid for the covers for these books so I want to get them out.

These are my plans for this week. Tomorrow I have another ducks in a row  post and I want to do a Have you read for my Arches series this week.

Have a good week and much love,

Sue xx

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