Monday, 12 September 2016

Insomnia sucks

Warning! Sue is a grumpy old fart this Monday morning. 

See this expression? I resemble this face!

Yet another night disturbed by a panic attack, followed by hours of staring at the ceiling. Even my tried and tested listen to crashing waves on YouTube didn't have the desired effect. I think I disturbed the dogs because they didn't want to get up this morning.

The weekend was quiet but a good one. Last night I went to a new writing group for the first time. They didn't fall apart at the gay romance revelation, although I did wait before I said anything to judge the mood. I like this group. Everyone's style is different, but they are a good bunch, and the lady running it knows what she is doing.

Tomorrow is the funeral for my brother's partner. I'm going to be out all day, so it's time I got on with work now. Sofa day of hard work and coffee.

Writing Plans for Sue

  • get Morning My Angel back to my editor
  • write more of Magpie Lover
  • stare blankly at Alpha Barman

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