Friday, 30 September 2016

My Little Patch of Heaven is Almost At An End

Today is my final day of the Writer's Retreat in Steephill Cove, on the Isle of Wight, as I'm sure you've gathered, my favourite place in the world.

 I've taken a photo every morning I've been here. We've had wet, windy, sunny, windy, wild and windy... wind is pretty much a theme. It was so windy one night I was surprised all the chairs were still outside.

It took us all a few days to be able to sleep soundly with constant noise of the waves and the wind, but now it's almost background noise. I still can't stop looking out at the view.

As for the writing... I've written steadily. My progress hasn't been as fast as I'd like, but I'll come away with about 20k more than I started, and a plot for a new story. I've also been promoting Morning My Angel, which came out yesterday.

The three of us have made many excuses not to leave the cove. Part of the reason are the really steep steps you have to climb, partly because we're just content here, and don't want to step outside the door. We're also getting used to living in a goldbowl. All the visitors to the Cove stare as they walk past.

Here is K.C. Wells making author fuel for the morning. No, not the beer. The coffee!!! Honest.

We have consumed much fuel this week, along with plenty of wine. I'm very happy. Also twice the size. We've had great food and I'll need all the dogs walks I can get next week to walk it off.

This is me and K.C. consuming fuel one such morning. I'm wrapped up in the throws they have on the sofas here.

One of the best things is being able to sit on the sofas with the doors fully open as we write. Comfort and enjoying the view.

I would love to take these views home with me, but sadly I don't think I can pack the Cove into the back of the car.

We're already looking at booking for next year. I'll be back here soon. Missing you already, Steephill Cove.

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