Thursday, 8 September 2016

Teaser for Magpie Lover

This is a short unedited teaser from my September WIP. No cover as yet. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with this one. Watch this space!

“Let the team know the pretty birds are with us,” Ryan ordered. “No one is to take their eyes off the prize or the birds. Radio silence unless it’s necessary. I’m going to the ballroom.”

Ivy Lee, didn’t take her eyes from the screens as she said, “If they see you they’ll know we’re watching them.”

“That’s the point. I want Magpie to know she can’t scratch her arse without me knowing about it.”

She snorted derisively at his crude words. “Nice. You know she’ll take that as a challenge.”

“That’s what I’m hoping.” Ryan cracked his knuckles, the sound loud in the confines of the van.

“You’re a thug,” Ivy muttered and then relayed the news to Team Two in the ballroom.

The two couples gave the signal that they’d got the message and took to the dance floor, subtly getting closer to the prize. They were dressed in tuxes and haute couture, mingling in with the crowd. To Ryan’s eye they still looked like security guards dressed in penguin suits, but the Coleridges had insisted, not wanting to scare their guests with too many obvious security personnel in the room.
“You should be wearing a tux,” Ivy said. “You’ll freak the guests dressed like that.”

Ryan didn’t bother to glance down, knowing full well what he looked like, dressed head to foot in the black Balducci uniform. “I’m paid to keep the prize safe, not blend in with the guests.”

Stiller Maynard hooted. “No worries, mate. You’re built like a rugby player and your nose is like the tube map. You’ll never look like a nob.”

Ryan had heard it all before. “Tom, don’t take your eyes off Raven for a second. Stiller, keep your eye on the prize.”

“Why does he get to look at the pretty boy and I have to stare at the old lady’s neck,” Stiller grumbled.

Ivy reached over and shoved him. “And that’s your reason right there.”

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