Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Office Wednesday

One of the good and one of the bad things about a) working from home, and b) being a writer, is that you can become very isolated from the outside world. I know that sounds contradictory, but I don't 'people' very well. I hate crowds, and I don't think I could easily work in an office or a shop now. I've spent so many years outside a standard work environment I would find it hard to be around people all the time.

Clare in 'the office'
However there are times when you realise you need to talk to a human being. A real live human being. Many moons ago, Clare London invited me to 'the office' on a Wednesday. For office, read pub. But 'the office' has become one of most important parts of my working week. It's a chance to talk and vent with a friend and fellow author who understands the odd world we inhabit.

Today, I proofed Alpha Barman and slurped good soup. Other days we've bounced plot ideas, written more of our WIPs, and set the world to rights.

I really miss my Wednesdays when we have other rare commitments. Even my kids know Office Wednesday is sacrosanct.

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