Monday, 7 November 2016

Thoughts from the Queer Company 2

This weekend I was at Queer Company 2 hosted by Manifold Press. Thank you very much for an interested and informative day, focusing on the differences between the Georgians and the Victorians. Also, the cake was a-maz-ing.

Between the talks by Farah Mendlesohn and KJ Charles, and panels with authors such as Alex Beecroft, the day reminded me just how much I enjoy learning about the history that isn't wars and monarchs, but lives of ordinary people.

It reminded me I went for a tour around London recently, that was meant to be about lesbian history in London. The tour organiser, Lenard Pink, admitted he had been shocked how little information there was pre-twentieth century, because unlike men, homosexuality wasn't criminalised for women. There were no records of trials etc.

One of the panels I really enjoyed was the concept of world-building. Much as the talk was interesting, it finally pulled into focus what was wrong with my current WIP. I hadn't centred my world. It could have been anywhere. Fortunately, I met up with S.A. Meade (Sue Laybourn) yesterday, who had visited Wyoming, and was able to give me some pointers. I also played with Google Earth for more information.

My last thought was that although QC2 was focused on Georgians and Victorians, history is only a heartbeat away. When I wrote The Sky is Dead, I set it in 2002. A proofer picked up that I used the wrong consoles and video-games for the era. Assumptions are bad, people. Research is needed even that short time away.

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