Monday, 19 December 2016

Join Me for Lunch in the New Year

What do Susan Mac Nicol, Harper Fox, KC Wells, Rhys Ethan, Aleksandr Voinov, RJ Scott, Tracy Shayler and me have in common?

We're joining together for one lucky person and a guest to join us for an intimate lunch event on Saturday, 14th January 2017, at a London restaurant. We will wine and dine you, give you goodies and books (because it's all about the books).

This is all for the Being Me campaign.

"The BeingMeCampaign was founded in October 2015 by Kieran Stanbridge & Tracy Shayler. Our charity is about owning and celebrating any differences you have. We believe it’s awesome to be who you are and our differences should be celebrated not suppressed. Unlike other charities, we are not restricted to a specific cause, we want everyone to feel that they can get involved and be proud of who they are.
We know many young people and adults are made to feel like an outcast on a daily basis because of a difference that makes them, them. This could be because of their sexuality, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, body  type etc.
Through our website, workshops, social media channels & campaigns, we give everyone a voice to share their story & advice to inspire others to be proud of who they are."
If you would like the chance of joining us, come over here. A donation of £5 enters you into the draw.

All you need to do to participate in this exciting event is donate £5.00 (or more if you fancy) to the charity. The winner will be announced on the 22nd December, just in time for Christmas. Make sure you click the £5.00 donation sum if you're only buying one. For every £5.00 you donate, you are entered into the draw again for the prize. There will be only one winner chosen. 

There is 3 days left to enter so please click here now. I can't wait to meet you in the New Year.

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