Thursday, 22 December 2016

Staring into the Face of the Eighties

The past nineteenth months have been an exercise in keeping my mouth shut (mostly) regarding the American election. Yes, I've made no secret which side of the American political fence I fall on, but it wasn't my election. I had no chance of affecting the political outcome with my vote.

Most of the people I deal with online are of similar views. As I follow people from the LGBT community, people of colour, women (ffs, why do women count as a minority??), the majority I have followed opposed Donald Trump. That didn't mean to say they were for Hillary Clinton, but they were definitely against Donald Trump.

Today I saw this tweet.

Right now, I've been dragged back to the 1980s, to my youth, where I was scared witless that World War III was about to start. If you didn't live through that time you have no clue what it was like. The films, the TV shows, all predicting an apocalyptic future.

You can call me scare-mongering, you can point to 2017 being a different world. Yes, it is, and it scares the living daylights out of me. The world seems far more unstable. I've already thought of my teen son being called up for war. Donald Trump is not in power yet and he's already taking about nukes.

I'm sticking my head over the parapet to say I'm staring into the face of the eighties, and I don't like it.


  1. When big hair, polka dots, and shoulderpads come back. Panic.

    1. Have you seen a picture of Donald Trump. He's rocking the big hair already.