Thursday, 16 February 2017

Furry in Fate by Jane Jamieson

About Furry in Fate (Werecats of Fate 1)

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Sheryl Harmon chases after her sister, Carol, following her into the mountains surrounding Fate. She’s worried about Carol, unsure of her sister’s state of mind.

Werecat mountain lions, Shane, Dylan, and Win Booker runs straight into Sheryl in the woods. Positive she’s their mate, they’ll help search for her sister. Yet finding Carol turns out to be harder than first thought. Is Carol trying to stay hidden? Is she in danger, not only in the woods, but from herself?

The only things that can distract Sheryl from worrying about her sister are the three sexy men. She trusts them, but still wonders why they’re helping her. As they search, one obstacle after the other rises, endangering Sheryl and testing the men.

Will they find Sheryl’s sister? If so, what will Sheryl do then? Love for her sister brought her to the mountains, but can love keep her there? Or will her sister tear her apart?

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