Thursday, 16 March 2017

Morning Report Flash Fiction

I wanted to write a little fanfic for my cowboys. I have been a fan of Simon and Luke from the first words many years ago.


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I hope Dreamspinner won't mind me using one of their old graphics, but it is so appropriate.

With thanks to Amy Leibowitz Mitchell

Simon Bryan wondered how a sane, rational human being, such as himself, could be stupid in love after fifteen years. Wasn’t it meant to die down to something comfortable; more like friends and less like two horny dudes wanting to hump each other at every opportunity? It’s not like he was waiting for the wanton lust to fade away, it’s just everyone else seemed to stick their nose in and suggest they should be more… more… sedate now.

Fuck that. Simon growled out loud because there was no one to hear him except his horse, and Del didn’t judge. He was a fucking cowboy, and if he wanted to throw his man up against the wall and remind him who was boss, then he’d do it. Frequently. Every day. Twice on Sundays if they didn’t have to host Pastor Noah’s growing congregation.

It wasn’t his fault the new hand stumbled in unannounced. Why the heck hadn’t Chuck warned him that Lost Cow’s foreman gave his morning report in a one-on-one, private meeting? The hand hadn’t taken kindly to discovering his foreman taking the boss from behind, and made derogatory comments in front of Luke’s momma. A bad move on his part. No one did that to her boys. He was off the ranch before lunchtime with a lecture about minding his manners, liberally sprinkled with cuss-words Simon didn’t even know existed ringing in his ears. Chuck swore he saw the man press down on his ears to relieve the pressure. Luke bitched about having to feed the chickens again, but he gave his momma a huge hug. She saved the lecture on locking the office door until later.

Simon eased Del into a trot. Just thinking about that morning made Simon hard. Not the hand catching them, but what they’d been doing. He pressed down on his denim-covered erection and prayed Luke would be ready for him.

He wasn’t a church-goer, unless he was forced into it by Noah and Momma, which was more often than he liked. But he only had to think about Luke to know that he was blessed. Somewhere along his life Simon had been given a stubborn, ornery, overly-possessive beautiful man to look after; to love, to fuck and to make a life with. He was blessed, although he’d never say that to Noah’s face. The pastor would never let him forget it. But Simon would tell Luke at the right moment, as they lay together, just the two of them.

He clattered into the yard with a sigh of relief and handed Del over to Tommy, who smirked at Simon’s obvious impatience. Simon ignored the smirk. Tommy and Noah were just as bad. He loped around the side of the main house and peered in the office window, not surprised to find Luke frowning as he stared at his laptop. Simon rapped on the window with his knuckles.

Luke raised his head at the knock, the frown smoothing away as if it’d never been there, and he leered at Simon. “Is it that time already?”

“Yep. Are you ready, boss?” Simon was ready and waiting to deliver.

“For morning report? Bring it on, babe, I’m always ready for you.”

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