Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Review of The Night Shift

Every so often I get a chance to crash on my friend, Jason's, couch and we watch movies and TV with gay characters. This week, he introduced me to The Night Shift. Although I predominately watch crime, I do enjoy medical shows, and this one was no exception. So far I've only watched six episodes. Enough to get into the characters, but not enough to get fed up with it.

Thoughts so far. 

I'm not American so I won't get into the morality of not treating patients without insurance.

I do like the characters, even if they are very predictable. The maverick doctor, the dour and penny pinching administrator who's a dick with a heart of gold, the ex who's got to keep the maverick in line, the sidekick doctor who's there to remind the maverick how to behave etc etc. There's the usual incestuous relationships and the patients of the week are varied and sometimes surprising (Second Chances).

The plots are interesting and the banter (if predictable) between all the characters keeps the pace going. I don't know enough about the medical procedures but they aren't treating cold and flu symptoms. It's done for drama and a touch of comedy (see the woman thinking she's having a relationship with Matt Damon).

As for the gay character, again, I've only watched six episodes so far. I don't know what happens in the future. I liked the fact he wasn't camp and he certainly wasn't perfect. His refusal to come out despite everyone telling him to rang very true. In fact, he was an asshole in Coming Home. And I still ended up in tears at the end.

I'm looking forward to watching more episodes in the future.

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