Friday, 7 April 2017

Texts I won't delete

In the car, I caught a couple of minutes of a segment on BBC Radio 4, about texts that people won't delete.

I don't delete any texts, but I still have my late sister's phone number as a contact. I refuse to delete the only messages I have from her. The last message she sent was popping out to deal with a plumbing issue at work. Nothing earth-shattering but that was my sister all over. She was always hands-on, dealing with problems where she worked.

The Radio 4 presenter had her mum read out a text.

"I love you."

It was a random late night text from the presenter, apparently something she didn't usually do. My mum died in 1985. I don't have anything like that to or from my mum. Nothing really to link me back to her; no letters, videos or texts.

I wish I did. I looked at the texts to my kids. Full of "Here!" as I wait for them in the car outside. I am used to being taxi. Maybe I'll send them a random "I love you," instead.


With apologies to the presenter but I don't generally listen to Radio 4 and I didn't catch her name.

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