Friday, 23 June 2017

Planning to write: Magic Whiteboard

I wouldn't normally rave about a product, but I often get asked how I plan my books. Mainly I launch into my story and hope for the best, but usually about 10k in, I come to a grinding halt. I haven't made friends with online planning software, and prefer to map the story out away from the screen.

And this is where Magic Whiteboard comes in.

I buy it from Amazon and it's on a roll, I slap up a sheet on my nearest wall and start plotting. I would show you the epic one for Hello My Angel, but then I'd give away all my secrets.

I go through several of these per book, and keep them afterwards for reference. I start with a spider plan, then get down to timelines, chapter planning and the nitty-gritty details. 

We use a lot of whiteboard sheets in the Brown house. My son has revised for his A-levels with chemical formulas on his bedroom walls, my daughter uses them for her shift times, I use them for shopping lists. We recommend the product to everyone. Yes, I could buy a whiteboard, but I'd need many of them around the house.  

This is probably my number one product that I find useful to plan my stories. 

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