Friday, 9 June 2017

What did I do on Election Night? Go to see Wonder Woman of course

The latest General Election is over, the results are in, and the UK has a hung parliament for the second time in seven years. Theresa May gambled on increasing her majority and lost. This time, the notoriously bad at voting 18-24 year olds got off their arses and voted, perhaps in reaction to the Brexit fiasco last year. Yes, the referendum result still hacks me off. No, I won't forgive the elderly population for throwing our kids' future under the bus.

Here are the results for those who are interested. My daughter will be gutted at our result, solidly blue again, but she'll have plenty to say about the rest of the country.

So what did we do last night? We went to see Wonder Woman.

I have been swept along by the hype of having a female superhero, directed by a woman, and I was determined to see this on the big screen. I'll post a separate review, but the kids and I had a lot to say about this movie. In fact, between the election results and the movie, last night in the Brown household was very loud.

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