Thursday, 9 November 2017

Goodbye Stinkybum

TYLER 11/2008 to 11/2017

I've had this post open for a week, but I've not been able to write it. Time to bite the bullet.

Tyler aged 4
My dog, Tyler, collapsed on his walk last Thursday evening. We took him to the emergency vets, and they said he was almost gone. An operation would give him three months at the most. It was that quick, he was gone two hours after he collapsed. They asked if we wanted his ashes, but frankly, we've got enough white hair at home to remember him by.

We're all gutted as you can imagine, and Faith is struggling without her favourite cushion. She's never been alone. I don't share my kids online, so my dogs get the attention. I have so many photos of Tyler, I'll be facing Facebook memories for years.

Tyler was a pain in the arse, but he was our pain in the arse. I'm not going to miss the stop and sniff
Tyler aged 8
walks or the chewing on the sofa. I'm going to miss his great smile, the way he stamped his foot to get his own way, and the morning snuggles. And his spotty ears.

After worrying about Faith and her tumour, it's ironic that Tyler is the one to leave us.

Tyler was a very special dog. He was our dog. Farewell, my pup.