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Desperately Seeking Santa by Eli Easton

Desperately Seeking Santa by Eli Easton

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Journalism student Gabe Martin gets his first professional assignment—to write about a Christmas charity dinner that benefits a children’s home. It sounds like a total snooze-fest until Gabe learns that the event’s Santa is a mystery man. He shows up in costume and no one has a clue who he is. Uncovering Santa’s identity sounds like the perfect angle to turn a fluff piece into serious journalism.
Mack “The Mountain” McDonall, at 6’10”, is University of Wisconsin-Madison’s enormous star wrestler. When Gabe first claps eyes on him at a wrestling match, it’s lust at first sight. Gabe’s friend, Jordan, sets up the pair on a date. But when Gabe chatters on about his plans for outing Santa, Mack goes cold, and their first meeting becomes an epic fail.

As Gabe researches the children’s home, he learns that Mack has secrets a guy famous for being a brute wouldn’t want the world to know. Can Gabe find his holiday spirit, write a killer article, win the heart of a surly giant, and give everyone a very merry Christmas?



I'm a huge fangirl of Eli Easton so it didn't surprise me that I loved Desperately Seeking Santa. She has such a deft way of bringing characters to life and this lovely Christmas story is no different. I laughed out loud so many times the dog got annoyed with me for disturbing her rest. I'd love to share the jokes, but read them for yourself. Eli turns flawed (human!) characters into Christmas Gold as Gabe plays Hunt the Santa. Both Gabe and Mack have some learning to do as Gabe realises everything isn't about the story, and Mack learns to trust. A really good holiday read.

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