Tuesday, 5 December 2017

On the Third Kiss by George Loveland

On the Third Kiss by George Loveland

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Sebastian Bennett is really looking forward to his Christmas holiday with boyfriend Elliot Bolton in the Gran Canarian sun. The only thing left is for him to sing one last song at the pub as his Drag Queen alter-ego, Donna Tracey. After the wig, make-up and dress come off, he rushes home to pack, only to find he and his chihuahua, Buster, have been deserted by Elliot, who’s taken someone else to Gran Canaria. Devastated, Sebastian turns to his friend and the pub’s manager, Javier Reyes-Martinez, who helps him pick up the pieces.

Javier seems determined to bring fun and laughter back into Sebastian’s life during this holiday season, and Sebastian is both grateful and enchanted. After a family Christmas and a word of advice from his great-uncle, Sebastian starts to look at Javier in a different light. Is Javier as fond of Sebastian as he appears, or is Sebastian being misled by his own need? If he’s reading the signs right—and if he’s ready to move on from his previous heartbreak—could he and Javier be much more than friends?

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You know, George, I don't really like drag, but from the off, you had me cheering for Sebastian (and his alter-ego, Donna), and boo-hissing at Elliot. And Javier, dear lord, that man was so sweet. I love On the Third Kiss so much. It is exactly my type of Christmas story. It has angst, friendship and romance, humour and hot loving too. Lovely.

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