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Roger by SJD Peterson

Roger by SJD Peterson

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Texas native Colt Burrow isn’t happy about his third cold, lonely Christmas in frozen Michigan. But when fate sends him a gift in the form of an abandoned puppy, he can’t keep his heart from melting. With the puppy’s companionship, he doesn’t feel so isolated anymore, and the holidays don’t seem as bleak. He even finds enough Christmas spirit to take Roger tree shopping. But just when Colt’s starting to hope Roger’s owner doesn’t show up… he does, and Colt doesn’t want to say goodbye. Will Roger end up being Colt’s Christmas heartbreak… or his Christmas miracle?


He moved down to the end of the deck where he’d seen the movement and got a shock. It wasn’t Blue he’d discovered but a small reddish-brown dog—possibly a Jack Russell or Rat Terrier—with big ears and a silver collar, shivering behind the grill.

Colt squatted down. “Hey, little one. Where did you come from?” The dog looked at him with big, soulful brown eyes. With the frigid night, he wasn’t sure if the pup was shaking from cold or fright. Colt didn’t make any sudden movements and kept his voice calm and soothing.

“It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” He slowly held out his hand. The dog flinched but didn’t run away. Colt carefully moved his hand closer until the dog could sniff it. “That’s it. See, I’m not a bad guy. Not like the idiot who let you out to run free on a night like this.”

The dog licked Colt’s hand as if it agreed with him. Colt petted the dog’s head, then scratched behind its ears. “How about we head inside, and you let me check out that tag on your collar. What do you say?”

The dog tilted its head like it was trying to figure out what Colt was saying.

“Yes, I talk to coffeepots and dogs. I’m weird that way.”


I love dogs. If a book has a dog in it, I'm almost guaranteed to turn into a melty pile of goo. Roger is no exception. I adore Roger and would quite happily take him home with me. I loved how Colt and Roger got to know each other, foibles and all. Frankly for me, that was the relationship. I would have loved more of Colt and Killian. I wanted the next half of the story. But that's just me being greedy.

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