Friday, 12 January 2018

Life and Writing Plans

I've been away from the laptop for the past couple of days as I drove my son back to university. It was the first time I've had a chance to look at his campus and his room. It was a great time away, but I can't deny it was hard to leave him behind. I went back to the hotel for a stiff G&T and a bit of a sniffle. After a lovely lunch at Sue Laybourn's (excellent editor at, I drove home today to cuddle my dog, and commiserate with my cold-ridden daughter.

It's interesting being on a university campus again. I can't deny as I wandered around, I feel a pang of regret for not having that experience post school. My theology degree was hard-won but fitted in around family, writing, and a job. The thought of just being able to study full-time without any distractions would be heaven.

This weekend, I need to focus on writing. My son is away and my daughter is out. I'm going to plan a book and write until my fingers drop off. Actually, I shall break out my Dragon speech-to-text. My fingers hurt too much these days. Old age is creeping in.

I need to write 3 books. The final part of Angel Enterprises, the second Cowboys and Angels, and the third in J.T's Bar series. I need to put my head down and be a focused Sue. Wish me luck.



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