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Lonesome Theta by Rachel Ravenheart

Lonesome Theta by Rachel Ravenheart

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Blurb: Alex has been chosen to form alliances with other packs in the region, and to find his fated mate. On this journey, he will meet prejudice, jealousy and corruption. His own mother disowns him for being gay. And there are those who still want his gay Alpha's dead. Will he find the temerity to confront the all powerful Alpha's of these other packs? Will he find his fated mate?


At lunch Alpha Mike sauntered over to where I sat alone at a table on the far side of the room. He stood before me, legs astride, his hands folded over his chest. Imposing. He waited for me to swallow a mouthful of greens.

“Are you settled in, Alex?”

“Yes, thank you. Your daughter is a very good hostess and it was good getting to know her.”

“Have you met your mate yet?”

“No, but I’m hoping to meet the right one on this journey.”

He took a seat opposite me and watched as I ate.

“I think you and Catherine would make a perfect match. I know she likes you.”

I dabbed my mouth with the white napkin. “Catherine seems like a great girl, but she’s not my fated mate. I won’t dishonor the process by mating with someone else.”

“What if I told you that I won’t agree to this alliance with your pack if you don’t mate with Catherine?”

“Then I’d have to say that it was good to meet you and I will be on my way.”

He stared at me as though he couldn’t believe I could pass up the opportunity to be an Alpha. “You don’t want the chance to improve your status?”

“If my mate happens to be an Alpha then that will be fine with me, but I’m not gonna mate with someone just to become an Alpha,” I shrugged.


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