Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Patchwork Doggy

I started this blog post two weeks ago, in the midst of flu and Faith's operations. I've finally shed the flu and Faith is okay. All is good in the Brown world. Especially as I've started to write again.


I'm failing miserably in my intention to blog everyday, but in all fairness since 13th January I've been laid low with the flu. I've slept, stared into space and spent a long time away from the keyboard. One thing I did have to do was shift my poorly carcass to take Faith to the vets. Faith had her operation and had two lumps removed. She was a patchwork doggy, with shaved patches and stitches. One lump was a small tumour, one was fine. The vet is happy though, and she has finally shed the cone of shame.

Could you look more miserable?

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