Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sue's Life

Faith wearing her Marvel T-shirt post surgery last year.
I'm hoping with every finger and toe crossed that 2018 isn't going to turn into another 2017. We've just discovered that our remaining Staffy Mix, Faith, has another tumour on her leg. The good news is that it's tiny, probably low-grade, and easily removed, unlike the last one. Another operation it is, booked for next Monday. We're praying for the good news, because once dogs get one, they are prone to get more. With all respect #fuckcancer

Last night, I ran the monthly writers group. We did a couple of exercises. One was good fun. We came up with ten random words and made a story from that. The other exercise was much harder. A short story using different words for the same colour. I used grey and quickly regretted it. It made for a very gloomy story! I also gave everyone some beat sheets for writing a novel. If you want more information, I sent them in the direction of Jami Gold's Worksheets for Writers. It's such a good resource site.

Sadly, we had to be sitting near a group of teenage lads (first year of uni judging from their LOUD conversation). I don't mind swearing, but when every other word is an expletive, and mainly concerning female anatomy, it is very wearing.

I'm driving my son back to uni tomorrow so I'm venturing into the wilds of Wales. Well, Swansea. It's my first chance to look at his campus and room. It's a long drive so I'm staying at a nearby hotel overnight, then I'm away home, via lunch at Sue Laybourn (SA Meade) (amazing editor and author). Sue's kindly edited the first three chapters of an M/F for me, and I'm relieved to say she was very complimentary, as well as giving me some good ideas to make it better. She can be contacted here for editing services,

I can't remember if I mentioned I have a new series coming out with Dreamspinner. The series title is Cowboys and Angels, and the first book is called Speed-Dating the Boss, due out mid-year(ish). The second one is Dating the Lionman.

Just a reminder The Clumsy Santa is reduced to 99c this month for a little post Christmas cheer.


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