Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Week in the Life

Well hello again.

A much better week for me healthwise. YAY. Although my poor 'Office' partner, Clare London, caught the dreaded lurgy (not from me!), so no office visit last week. I did manage to catch up with writing and host a 90th birthday party for my stepmother.

First off, the writing. Having spent January in bed or staring in space, it was hard to get back into the routine. I started doing 15 minute sprints and that worked very well. The muse got her arse in gear and I managed about 1500 words a day. I know that's not a lot but after a month of no writing, it was cool water in a desert.

Second, the party. I wasn't sure at the start of the week if I'd be well enough, but I was, and the family descended on me. Four generations of Browns from a cool dude eighteen months old to a young ninety. I don't do family photos as you know, or I'd show you the little one patting Faith. I'm so proud of my doggy. She's never met the family en masse before, and behaved impeccably. Thank you to the family who travelled long distances to join us. 

Huge thanks to my friend Carol and my daughter for their amazing help all day, from cleaning and cooking to Faith wrangling. I couldn't have done it without them.

I organised my flights to Leipzig Book Fair. It's a very good thing I checked the dates because I nearly booked the wrong week. I shall be there with Dreamspinner, I think signing Island Doctor.

What else to tell you? I've managed to format a print copy of Alpha Chef. It should be out by the beginning of March. I am very proud of myself, because I don't get on with formatting of any sort. Fortunately, my new personal assistant is a whizz with formats, so she is proofing it for me. I want it ready for Euro Pride Con.

Another piece of good news for me is I've managed to lose 9lbs in weight since the start of the year. Most of that was due to flu, but my goal now is to keep that off and lose another 4lbs by my birthday later this month. I can do it - I can, I can. I just need the slow and steady approach. 

Finally, I'm crashed on the sofa after a long and busy couple of days. I'm trying to put together a week's worth of blogs. I have plenty of great books with bisexual characters to promote. 


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