Monday, 19 February 2018

Post Birthday Thoughts

It was my birthday yesterday. I spent the morning in IKEA, and the afternoon napping on the sofa, followed by a fry-up. Never let it be said Sue Brown doesn't know how to party hard. Actually, it was a perfect birthday. Time out with my daughter which is rare these days as she's working hard, and the chance to relax away from the computer.

She bought me some gorgeous charms for my charm bracelet. One in memory of Tyler, and two Beauty and the Beast charms, the dress and the teapot. I also have Amazon vouchers to fulfil my every reading need.

I have a really busy six weeks ahead of me, and fitting in work around work and social events is going to be challenging. I'm going to attempt an early morning writing routine, rather than spending a couple of hours trawling through Twitter and Facebook. Wish me luck.

I have to finish Dating the Lionman this week. Once that's off my schedule I can take a deep breath and look at some self-pubbed work. I need to increase my wordcount/day.

I'm now 51. I wanted to spend my fiftieth year going away to various places and having fun. Mostly it was writing related, but that was okay. I was on retreats and books signings with authors and readers I know and love. It was a good year, both for me and the family, aside from losing Tyler. My forties was a complete change in my life. I'm hoping my fifties will be less change, more success.

Now I'm off to clean for my stepmum. Such an exciting life we writers lead. Have a good Monday, my friends.

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