Thursday, 8 February 2018

When the words flow

Today was a really productive writing day. I love days like this. I managed to add 2.5k to Dating the Lionman, and over 1k to Gabriel's Storm. It was like the words tumbled out of me, and I couldn't stop writing until my brain started dribbling out of my ears.

Now 3.5k is not a huge amount in the scheme of things but they were good words. I managed to sort out two chapters that had been stuck and wouldn't unfold. I even wrote a sex scene without whimpering too much. I'm hoping the next few days will also be productive because I've got a ton of writing I need to do this month. I need to submit Dating the Lionman to Dreamspinner as the second in the Cowboys and Angels series, and Gabriel's Storm is on my self-imposed schedule.

I've got a busy few days ahead of me with social events and editing Speed Dating the Boss. I've got a new editor at Dreamspinner and I told her to be hard on me. Meep!

And finally, I spent 2 hours trying to sort out a problem with Adobe Flash Player so I could use the interior reviewer on Createspace. This is what frustrates about author admin. It sucks up my time. One rant on Twitter later and a lovely author immediately gave me the answer. I should have ranted earlier!

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  1. Yay for all the wonderful words. Mine seem to be on a holiday right now, but I'm sure they'll return, whenever they're ready. I hope the muse stays with you.