Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Post Leipzig

This was the beautiful backdrop behind our stall

Pouty Faith
Hello there, I'm back at home after my weekend at Leipzig Buchmesse with Dreamspinner.

It was an exciting weekend and although I'm glad to back on my own sofa, it's an experience I will never forget. As you can imagine Faith was not happy to see me go. She only has to see the case to get all pouty.

Civilised afternoon tea
I find travelling very stressful. Not the flying. It's dealing with the airports either side. I treated myself to the Escape lounge at Stansted Airport which was a good move. A glass of wine and some food. I was a happy Sue.

Winter Wonderland
I arrived in a Winter Wonderland which was incredibly beautiful but so, so cold. Fortunately I'd prepared for it, but it did have an effect on the Book Fair as the train station was closed. Mind you, how many more people they could have fitted in, I don't know. Saturday was heaving! They were having to filter people in phases.

I loved the fact we were in the Manga hall. We definitely had the best hall to be in. It was epic, especially with all the cos-playing. I donated my Dalek winged broach to a little girl, when I saw she was checking it out. She was wearing a Dalek costume and looked awesome. Unfortunately the language barrier stopped me talking to her. And that is something I have to rectify for next year.

The amazing DSP crew
 It's been great fun meeting up with Elizabeth North and Andrew Grey again, and meeting Xenia Melzer, Star Noble and Feliz Faber, plus the German DSP coordinators, Petra and Corina. You all worked so hard. Also thank you to Julia and the staff/authors of Cursed Verlag who produce Dreamspinner's foreign rights translations.

Me and Elizabeth North

Elizabeth is a total story muse. Thanks to her I ended up writing a short story on my Patreon because we saw two guys walking hand-in-hand wearing My Little Pony onesies. And there was a guy with the most amazingly decorated jeans in front of us. I really really want to write his story.

Is this Andrew's biggest fan?
The readers were lovely, and many of them were dressed up too. I have to say, the lady who brought all Andrew Grey's books to sign gets a special mention. It took him a long time to get through all those.

Fortunately both flights were a breeze, and I even managed to get through the passport gate thanks to RJ Jones' help when she was here a couple of weeks ago. I cannot tell you how much that was stressing me out. I arrived home to a glass of wine and a bacon sandwich from my lovely daughter. Epic!

Thank you for inviting me, Dreamspinner. Hopefully see you again soon, Leipzig.

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