Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sue's Spring Fever or Plans and stuff

Happy March to you all. A snowy start for almost Spring in the UK, although we got London snow compared to the rest of the country. As you can see, Faith enjoyed bouncing around in the cold stuff. She's tall enough not to get her undercarriage frozen in the small amount of snow.

I've had a busy but productive start to the month. The second book in the Cowboys and Angels series is now with Dreamspinner. I had RJ Jones to stay for the week and she was press-ganged into betaing it. It's such a relief to get that finished. I'd love to show you all the covers for this series but one isn't agreed yet. Fingers crossed that will change by the end of the week.

Now I'm focusing on Alpha Trucker... although it may not stay this title. Dear old Si is talking hard to me about finding him another job. I'm not sure at the moment, but Si does like his own way. I also might have some news about Alpha Barman. I've said yes to something but I'm waiting to see if it pans out.

I have a busy month ahead of me. I'm hoping to finish Alpha T. by the time I go to Leipzig for the Book Fair in the middle of the month. I have ten days to do just under 40k. I can do that *meep*.

I have a new newsletter due out this week. Please sign up *looks to the left and the big button* if you want to keep up with news, plans and freebies.

Much love,

Sue xx


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