Sunday, 1 April 2018

Life and plans

I hope your Easter weekend is going splendidly. Mine is quiet so far, but I have been busy. Yesterday I wrote a chapter of Cranky & Dashing   Today I'm off to a Steam Festival at Chatham Docks.

I'm also doing some spring cleaning, 4 drawers down so far, and one box of shredding sprayed over the stairs.

On the things to do on my Patreon list this week:
1) Post the new chapter of Cranky & Dashing on Tuesday. 
2) A poll to name a villain! 
3) A snapshot tour of the world from The Sky is Dead. I set this story very much in my backyard and when it stops raining I'm going to take a series of photos as it goes through the story.

I've altered two of the rewards. I've taken out the highest tier, and I've introduced a cheeky tier for $12.50/month, which gives all of the rewards of the $10/month but with added kibble for Faith. 

My son is back from uni which I'm loving, even if he did disappear with Faith for the Easter weekend. The house is very empty when all beings are out.

I'm also writing Slow Dating the Detective because they're the only guys talking in my head at the moment. I really hope some of the others speak up soon.

It's interesting because this story is a redemption tale. You meet Mikey in Secretly Dating the Lionman, and he needs to do a lot of growing up. In this story, he's trying hard, but no one (except a certain sexy detective) cuts him a break.

I have non MM plans too. I hope by the end of the week to be able to tell you more.

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