Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Life, writing and a quick trip to the Isle of Wight.

Good morning to you all. A delayed hello from me as the Easter holidays have been busy busy. I'm taking my son back to uni on Friday. I can't believe three weeks have gone by already.

As you can see from the photo. I did a day visit to a rainy Isle of Wight to visit my favourite islander, K.C. Wells. She was all bright and rainbowy in a grey day. I wish I could get down to see her more often. Behind us is the Lighthouse. We will back there in a few months. I also managed to slip again in those boots on my way to the ferry. I hurt... I'm not designed to do the splits.

I also had friends to dinner and didn't kill them with my cooking. Baked Camembert for starters with crusty Tiger (giraffe) bread. My guests hoovered the lot. 

Writing is sporadic and I have a brain full of mush but I've kept my commitment to my Patrons. I posted the third instalment of Cranky & Dashing yesterday. $1/month and you get to read my exclusive series.

I'm off the office in about half an hour to see Clare London. I've got a serious writing session planned. Then tonight I have to skip out the front room as we're changing the broadband and cable provider. Wish me luck. That corner of the room hasn't been touched in years.


A reminder that all my self-pubbed books can be found on Kindle Unlimited now. I have two blog posts with the links, starting here.

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