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Dangerous Lessons by Naomi Aoki

Title: Dangerous Lessons 

Series: The Yakuza and the English Teacher 
Author: Naomi Aoki 
Released: December 2017 
Genre: M/M Rom-suspense; Multi-cultural 
Length: 174 pgs 
This is book one of three and are not standalone. 

Blurb (Dangerous Lessons) 

Love was never meant to be this dangerous. 

Falling in love had never been the plan.

But when a powerful businessman takes an interest in Jamie how can he say No.

Except Gou is no ordinary businessman.

When the truth comes out, does Jamie run or chose to stay?

And will he have a choice?

Author Profile:

She would love to runaway to Japan or China and live there for a few years... but she can't. Instead she goes there in her books, hoping to drag the reader into a world they've never been to before.

Historical. Contemporary. Time offers no constraint to the stories she writes, happily dabbling in both so long as there is a happy ending.

Twitter: @naomiaokiauthor

Pinterest: naomiaokiauthor

Blog/Website: naomiaokiauthor.com

Excerpt (Dangerous Lessons)

Gou loved the reactions he was dragging out of Jamie by simply sitting next to him. The man rattled by his presence, in a good way, as his usual calm demeanour slipped and he knocked back the whiskey like the glass contained water. The coughing and spluttering it produced gave Gou the perfect excuse to reach out and touch Jamie, resting his hand on the man’s thigh in a show of concern. He took the opportunity to drag his hand higher when Jamie showed no signs of opposing the action, not rejecting his obvious sexual advances. And if the redness of his face and the hitching of his breath were anything to go by, Gou was certain Jamie liked it. Wanted him. But Gou wasn’t ready to take things too far, too soon. He needed Jamie to be consumed with desire before he could allow Jamie to see who he truly was – the secret he kept hidden.

Gou watched Jamie’s body relax as he moved his hand away and leaned back against the couch. Their legs remained pressed hard against each other yet, Jamie made no effort to move away from Gou, thrilling him. Red streaked across the man’s pale skin, disappearing beneath his collar and Gou struggled to resist the urge to tug at Jamie’s clothes, wanting to know how far the colour went. He wanted to hold Jamie’s face in his hands and stare into his pale blue eyes, watch how they changed as he fell apart beneath him.

“I’m going to miss catching up with you next week, Jamie,” swirling the whiskey in his glass, resisting the urge to touch Jamie again.

“Why?” Jamie turned to look at him. Confusion and sadness surged into his eyes, making their blueness change to grey. “Why won’t we be meeting next week?” Disappointment rang through his voice and maybe a hint of panic, making Gou want to pull him into his arms and reassure him.

“Business. Need to travel to Osaka and Kobe for meetings.” Boring meetings full of ceremony and tradition with men further advanced in years than he was. He couldn’t afford to miss a single meeting, even though he despised how they looked down on him. Men envious of the power he had amassed since taking over from his father and yet forced to work with him because of long held agreements created over cups of sake. Gou knew they would have preferred one of the senior members of the Araki-gumi to have taken over after his father’s death, but the Executive made their choice and voted to keep the leadership within the Kitayama family. “I’ll be gone for a week.”

Jamie took a deep breath and released it slowly as he tried to calm himself. “Well, it can’t be helped, then.”

Gou could hear the disappointment ring louder in Jamie’s voice, even as he tried to smile and pretend everything was okay. But Jamie couldn’t hide the way his body slumped, averting his crestfallen gaze away from Gou.

It was tempting to push for more. To use the emotions surging through Jamie, right now, to get a taste of him. But Gou wouldn’t. Too soon. Though, the week’s separation, could provide Gou with an opportunity to test the waters and show Jamie how much he desired him. Gou might not be ready to share his secrets, but at least he’d find out if Jamie wanted him as much as the young man’s body hinted.

“No, Jamie it can’t. Though I wish I could adjust the timing of it. I would prefer not to miss out on our time together,” letting his own disappointment flow into his words.

“Me too.”

Damn did Jamie sound sad, stirring up the possessive streak inside Gou geared toward the young man. The need to protect, to mark him and make Jamie smile was a powerful urge Gou struggled to keep in check. A constant fight against the urge to pull Jamie to his feet and drag him to his bed. If he made it that far. Pushing him against the wall or bending him over his desk was equally appealing and Gou had to shift, a subtle adjustment of himself without Jamie noticing. No, truthfully, he didn’t care if Jamie noticed. But now was not the time, he reminded himself.

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