Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May I Help You?

Wow, we are in May already. This year is going way too fast for me. Four months already gone and I still haven't done anything of the things on my things-to-do list.

Today I have to edit Secretly Dating the Lionman and make another attempt on Slow Dating the Detective. I would like the final one submitted by the middle of May.

On my Patreon there is another chapter of my private detectives, Cranky & DashingCranky is still processing the start of the Harriman case, whilst trying to wrap up his other cases.

I'm in the throes of writing some shorts. I like the discipline writing short stories imposes on you. There is no time to waffle on about the curtains flowing in the summer breeze.

On a Sue is crap at technology front, I've had to use Skype again for business meetings. I used it twice last week which is more than I've managed in the past two years. I finally worked out where the camera button is.

I'm going to be posting some 'have you reads' over the next few weeks. I think I should start with Summer's Dawn as I'm talking about shorts. My shortest book by far and one of my best sellers. It had a companion, Summer's Song. These are both available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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