Monday, 1 February 2016

February Fiction 1: Morning Report Free Read

Here is a snippet from my cowboys, Luke and Simon, from Morning Report.

Hidden in the shadow of the barn, Luke watched them talk for at least ten minutes. He clenched his fists tightly, his nails dug painfully into his palms. Three times he had to restrain himself from hauling the cowboy off Simon. He could see the guy thought he was onto a sure thing by the way he tilted his head and smiled at Luke’s man. Luke’s. No one else’s. If he laid a hand on Simon, Luke was gonna have him strung up by the balls.  Then he was gonna remind Simon who he belonged to, slowly and with ropes.

The cowboy leaned in once more and Luke’s thread of patience snapped. He left his hiding place, striding over to join them. The stranger looked startled at Luke’s sudden appearance, but Simon smiled and tugged Luke into his side.

“Matt, this is Luke, my husband. His family own the Lost Cow ranch.”

Luke took grim satisfaction at the disappointed look on Matt’s face as they shook hands. He narrowed his eyes at Matt, making sure Matt knew this cowboy was already claimed. Mumbling something, Matt made his escape, Luke staring daggers after him.

“You lasted nine minutes longer than I thought you would.” Simon snickered as Luke scowled at him.

“You knew I was there?”

“I always know where you are.”

Luke shivered at Simon’s possessive tone but he couldn’t help snapping, “He was all over you.”

“Was he? I only see you.” Simon hauled Luke in for a bruising kiss, once again reminding Luke who exactly was in charge. 

Luke submitted willingly, opening to Simon’s assault on his mouth, his arms like iron bands around him. Somewhere in the shadows, he knew Matt was watching and wishing he was Luke. He smiled against Simon’s mouth and breathed in the scent of his man.


Day 2 - Nothing Ever Happens

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