Thursday, 8 December 2016

Divine Promotion Christmas Blog Hop

Thank you to Divine Promotions for inviting me to be part of the Christmas Blog Hop.

What does Christmas mean to me?

By the time I was old enough to appreciate Christmas, my brothers and sisters had moved away from home. The large family Christmas dinners changed to individual families spending time together. We changed our big day to New Year's Day. It's not that Christmas doesn't mean anything, it's just that it's not as important as New Year's Day.

The one thing I remember about Christmas and will never forget is my mum. She had two special dresses, sparkly dresses which she wore at Christmas time. She made a real effort to dress up. Christmas Day wasn't signified by presents or Santa or Christmas films. It was my mum in a sparkly dress. By the time she died, those dresses were very old, but she still wore them. This was my Christmas.

Favourite Christmas recipe.

Not so much a recipe as a lovely dinner cooked by my ex (because he's a better cook than me). I love Christmas dinner, the indulgence of several meats, pigs in blankets, and lots and lots of Yorkshire Puddings smothered in rich gravy. I might even eat a sprout or two, as long as I can bury them in something nice.


There is a grand prize giveaway at the Divine Promotions Blog. All you have to do is go to here and leave a comment on the blog post, about your favourite part of Christmas.

Prizes include:

3D fun face Charms Bracelet - 3 pieces
18 K Gold Filled Crystal Pearls Heart Party Dress Jewelry Set
$10 Amazon Gift Card from RAM PA Group
5 Days Promo Tour from Divine Promotions
Dreamspinner Press Vouchers
$5 gift voucher from Pride Publishing
Ebook of your choice from Author Grein Murray
Swag donated by Author Grein Murray (only available to those living in the USA)
Ebook of your choice from Author Sean Kerr (from his series Dead Camp)
Ebook - The Hard Boys: Alien Abduction (Case #1) from Ian Cadena

These are some of the blogs taking part. Go over here for more information.

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  1. I love the idea of your mom in a sparkly dress making the holiday season for you. That made me smile. Thanks for sharing with us!