Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Writing Goals for 2018: Finishing a book

Over the last two years, I've been trying to write books outside the genre, and I have a number of partially completed books; a police procedural, a murder/mystery with a female private detective, a crime novel about a women solving the murder of her sister, and a couple of M/F romances. All good solid starts which have legs to make good books, and unfinished books gnaw at my soul.

I've found myself constrained by four things. Firstly, and probably the most important, money. M/M brings in my royalties. Not enough to live on without another job, but it provides me with a good part of the household income as a single mum. Secondly, time. Oh God, I need 48 hours in the day. More on that later. Number three on the list, the voices in my head are still guys clamouring for their romance. Lastly, the thought of starting over again in another genre is really scary. But I did it once, I can do it again. I'm spreading my wings, not turning back on my first love, M/M.

Anyway, I find myself with more time on my hands now that my son is off to uni, and I spend way too much time scrolling through Twitter and Facebook. Yes, I think I've made that complaint before. My goal is to pick one of these books and finish it by the end of March. One thousand words a night will finish one of these books. It's the 6th of February. Including today, that gives me fifty-four days, 54,000 words, which would finish one of these books. Less time on social media, and more word count; this is good news.

In an effort to get me started, I asked Meredith Russell to make me this cover a few years ago. I really should know by now this doesn't work for me. But, this is oldest of the WIPs, and the first one on my list. This was the draft blurb.

A year after the loss of his wife and child to a sudden storm, Gabriel Pennant stands on the cliff-top watching a storm roll in over the sea when he spots a small boat in distress.
Gabriel fights through strong winds and high seas to rescue a young woman trapped on the boat. He takes the woman back to his house to recover only to discover she’s taken a bad knock to the head and can’t remember much except her name, Tempeste.
With a series of storms approaching Gabriel asks Tempeste to stay. Then he discovers the village is in danger and the village needs to be evacuated. Rather than run away Tempeste offers to help and Gabriel discovers he’s falling in love with a woman who only knows her name and that someone tried to kill her.
This is my first writing additional goal of the year. 31st March, this needs to be finished.


6/2/2018: 1k achieved
7/2/2018: 1k achieved
8/2/2018: 1k achieved
9/2/2018: 1k achieved
10/2/2018: no writing
11/2/2018: no writing
12/2/2018: 1k achieved