Tuesday, 28 August 2018

One small step

Have you ever thought how the hell did I get to where I am now? What step did I take that led me to this exact path, this exact moment. These are some of my steps. Tiny ones that led me to this moment, writing this blog post.

Captain Jack Harkness/Torchwood

Dec 2006, I woke up and saw two men kissing on the screen (Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood).

Jan 2007, I asked my friend how to get involved in Torchwood fanfiction. She got me on LiveJournal and the rest is history. She got a friend to talk fanfiction and I got a whole new life.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. from Supernatural
2008, that friend dragged me kicking and screaming into the Supernatural fandom. I had no idea what Supernatural was, or who the actors were. I started reading the amazing fiction before I watched the first episode. I mainlined several series before I caught up.

2009, the same friend gave me Bareback by Chris Owen and I discovered the M/M Romance genre existed. I discovered cowboys. I didn't even have an eReader when I started writing. I downloaded Kindle software onto my computer.

2009/10, I wrote Nothing Ever Happens, Chance to be King, and Morning Report as J2AU fanfiction. Damn, that was a good couple of years.

2010, my friends were getting published so I thought I'd have a go. I sent a short story to Dreamspinner for their Making Contact anthology. It got accepted five days later. Stories to Silver Publishing (pah!) and Torquere also got accepted.

2011 (I think), I went on holiday to the Isle of Wight, spawning a friendship, a love of the island, and an amazing series.

2013, I published my first self-published book, Hairy Harry's Car Seat.

Me and Clare London in Harrogate
2013/2014 - I made friends with an amazing author, Clare London, who lived near me, and so began the weekly trips to the Office. It was only meant to be occasionally...

2014, I needed a job. Elizabeth from Dreamspinner offered me a job just at a point I was desperate.

It may seem odd stopping at 2014, but these were the points that led me here. I'm still at Dreamspinner, as author and employee.

Yes, that's twelve years in a few lines. There have been many other steps in between.Ups and downs. Friends I've made, publishers who've gone bust, but each one has led me to this moment.

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