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Unwrapping His Heart by Karrie George

Unwrapping His Heart by Karrie George 

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Blurb: Matt is sexy, single, and fabulous. His career at a fancy magazine is going from strength to strength. He has great friends, a nice flat, and a healthy bank account. Life is wonderful.

In truth, Matt is unhappy. Convinced he’s not worthy of love, he flits from club to bar, in search of temporary amnesia from the demon on his shoulder that tells him he’s never going to find “the one”. Which is ironic, because his heart already belongs to the one man he knows he can never have—his straight best friend, Zeke.

Zeke has always dated women. He can’t fathom why he’s so upset about Matt’s latest lover, the wildly successful and attractive Dieter, but refuses to accept that he’s jealous, because to do that, he might have to do some soul-searching of his own.

Meeting Dieter turns Matt’s ordered life on its head, and opens Matt’s mind to the possibility that he can make a meaningful connection. However, to take a gamble on love, Matt has to learn to trust people with his secrets. And, more importantly, to overcome his shame regarding the one part of him he refuses to change. If he can’t – or won’t – learn to love himself, it’s doubtful anyone else will see the real man behind the mask.

The only question is whether he’s brave enough.


He looked up at the same time as Zeke barrelled through the doorway and came to a stop so close to him, they were almost nose to nose.

“You stupid fucker,” muttered Zeke, and hooked an arm round Matt’s neck, pulling him even nearer. “I was jealous,” he whispered, so softly that Matt thought he was hearing things. “I was jealous of you and Teddy.”

“There is no me and Teddy,” said Matt, mystified. “What d’you mean?” He slid a hand under Zeke’s long hair, and caressed the back of his neck with a thumb, marvelling at the soft moan the action prompted. Zeke sighed, a long, drawn-out shaky breath. “Are you sure? I know you think he’s hot.”

“Yeah, he is, in the same way lots of people are, in a purely academic way. Doesn’t mean I want to bang him. And even if I did, he’s Kenzie’s and I would never, ever do that to a mate. What’s your point, babe?” He leaned his cheek against Zeke’s and could pretend for a split second they were a couple making up after their first row. Except of course, they sniped at each other all the time; just little things, but you couldn’t live with someone for over ten years and not get on each other’s nerves at times.

“You do that to me though. All the time.”

“What, bang your mates? I so do not! Unless you’re counting Kenz, and that was at uni, I didn’t even know you knew him then.” Matt felt the hours on the dance floor catching up with him and stifled a yawn. “Zeke, love, you really need to be a bit more specific here.”

“I mean,” growled Zeke, still in a whisper, “that you never think about how I feel every time you swan off with a different bloke.”

The words individually made sense; the meaning of the sentence took longer, then Matt drew back and tipped Zeke’s chin up with one hand.

“Are you jealous because you want me for yourself?” He hardly dared ask but it seemed the only possible explanation to Zeke’s confession.

Zeke nodded miserably. “I’m a really shit friend,” he muttered. “I just don’t like sharing you.”

“But you’re straight.” There was a pause so electric Matt felt his spine tingle. “Aren’t you?”

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