Monday, 13 August 2018

Writing, releases, plans, and other genres

So yesterday's post was about my travels.

Today's post is about my writing. This is an odd year for me. I've been writing up a storm, but at the moment, nothing is finished, and I've been focused on non M/M Romance.

Let's focus on Releases.

Speed Dating the Boss was released in June, the first of my Cowboys and Angels series.

Cover art by KaNaXa
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Will a mix of privilege and blue-collar be a recipe for love… or disaster?

Dan’s pretty satisfied with his job at the working-class bar Cowboys and Angels, enjoying his simple life, apartment, and cat. He could do without the fights that break out in the bar, his boss’s meddling daughter, Ariel… oh, and a brutal unrequited crush on his straight, alpha boss, Gideon.

When Dan’s friend prepares to tie the knot, everyone insists Dan needs a date for the wedding. Before he can protest, Ariel arranges a gay speed-dating event at the bar with Gideon as a participant. The unforeseen revelation from Gideon that he’s bisexual raises Dan’s hopes, especially when Gideon announces he wants to accompany Dan to the wedding. Could Gideon really be interested in Dan?

When Dan needs someone most, Gideon offers his unconditional support, showing Dan the kind of man he really is, with genuine commitment. Teaming up to save the wedding from a hungover groom and intolerant parents, can Gideon convince Dan they’re the best match since beer and pizza?

Cover art by Meredith Russell
At the end of August, I'll be releasing the boxset of the Lyon Road Vets complete series. Amazon link to follow.

Peter and Evan, Will and Lawrence, Jesse and Dan, friends and neighbours with one thing in common; the love of their dogs. As Peter mourns the loss of Harry, Evan brings a lively puppy into their lives, who takes over their home and hearts. Will’s young beagle, Bob, hasn’t met a trainer he can’t break. Is Lawrence the exception? Dan walks away from Jesse after too many broken promises. Will Jesse’s puppy, Norman, manage to bring them back together?

Secretly Dating the Lionman, the second in the Cowboys and Angels series will be out in November.

Can a man burdened with family drama find his way into the arms of a happy-go-lucky stripper called Lionman?

Cris likes a drink at Cowboys and Angels bar after his shift at the strip club—until one night when a trashed young guy named Mikey tries to kiss him. He’s not Cris’s type, but Cris is good enough to see the kid home safely. There he meets Mikey’s handsome older brother, Bennett, and there’s an immediate spark between them.

But Bennett might not be in a position to start a relationship, let alone with the carefree Cris. He’s trying desperately to hold his family together, with a younger brother who’s running off the rails and hostile parents who will never accept not just one, but two gay sons.

When Cris is unexpectedly fired and Bennett’s family drama escalates, they turn to each other for support. But can a shoulder to lean on develop into something much closer, something they both deserve?

Plans - A lot of people are asking me about Hello My Angel and Alpha Trucker. The fact is I'm totally jammed on both on them. I still plan to finish both series, but until the boys cooperate I'm truly stuck.

Other genres - Watch this space. I've been writing other genres  because my brain dried up on M/M. My heart is still in M/M, but the boys aren't talking. Any suggestions?

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