Thursday, 27 September 2018


I’ve been feeling unsettled recently. More than unsettled. Angry. Sheer full-on rage as I watch the world around me change, out of my control. It’s not my personal world. That is going just fine. It’s watching the western world crack with an imbecile in charge, surrounded by religious extremists who are determined to drag us to the dark ages. He is the monkey. Who is the organ grinder? I suspect there is more than one. The veneer of civilisation has cracked, and it won’t take long for us to fall in the morass.
Our own political situation is no better. The blind leading the blind, and that’s not a slur on actual visually impaired people who have much better skills than the people in charge. There isn’t a political party in the UK who can step up and lead us through this Brexit farce. I believe in the will of the people. I didn’t vote for this shit, but we’re stuck with it, and we need giants, not minnows, to negotiate through this hell.
Alt-right politics is increasing, men’s suicide is increasing and mental health funding is dire, women’s rights are being eroded, reproductive rights attacked as funding is taken away from the clinics who help the most vulnerable, the language of women themselves in a public forum. You only have to scroll Twitter about any woman of influence to discover how much hatred there is against women. Women are forced off social media with rape, death threats and doxing. You only have to read the current news to understand what happens to women is irrelevant to the men in charge. I’m not anti-men, I’m pro-women, and it’s about time I damn well remembered that. Even language which should be inclusive erodes women; men and non-men (UK Green Party) – who is missing there? Not men, men are still there. You’ve defaulted women to the ‘other’. In being inclusive, you’ve been exclusive to 50% of the population who are still the underdog, and it matters.
It makes me want to cry to see the mess we’re in, and worse, the people who revel in it. People who think isolationist policies will work for them. Who see extra money in their pockets but don’t notice their healthcare costs rising. Who cheer at the anti-immigrant policies, but don’t notice the food costs are rising because crops are rotting in the fields.
We are screwed and I am angry. Yes, life will go on. The sun will come up, the ice-bergs will melt, and the world will slowly go to hell. What the hell can I do about it?
**I’m not posting this to social media and I’m turning off the comments. This is my rant, my blog, and I needed it.