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Southern Brit by Marissa Holt

TITLE: Southern Brit
SERIES: He’s The One – Book 4
AUTHOR: Marissa Holt
LENGTH: 277 Pages
BLURB: Flynn Henderson has always enjoyed the single life. Hot guys and hookups with no strings worked perfectly for him…until his best friend, Kace, found love with his dream man…that’s when Flynn decided to give love and monogamy a try for himself.
But when Flynn’s first attempt at a real relationship ends in disaster and his boyfriend abandons him, Flynn takes drastic measures to ensure his heart is protected and he’s never hurt again. However, Flynn’s plan is quickly jeopardized when his ex-boyfriend’s brother, Royal, shows up in Atlanta needing a place to stay.
Royal Maddox, a UK reality star with a bad reputation, is looking to mend his rocky relationship with his brother on a visit to the US. After finding his brother has taken off, Royal becomes intrigued with Flynn while staying with him temporarily, unaware of Flynn’s true history with his brother.  
Temptations and desires intensify on both sides as Royal re-evaluates what he truly wants before returning home - possibly the guy his brother deserted…and Flynn devises more extreme measures to keep the gorgeous Brit from stealing his heart.
It’s all hands on deck as Flynn’s friends help him navigate the choppy waters of mending a broken heart and pushing past fears to take a second chance on love…this time with maybe the one perfect guy meant just for him…before it’s too late.
Southern Brit is a steamy Second Chance at Love M/M Romance Novel with a guaranteed HEA. This is Book 4 of He’s the One Series. Can be read as a standalone.
(Flynn has just returned home with a drunk Royal after going out to a club.)

I shook his shoulder. “Wake up! We’re home.”
“Ahh…brilliant…” Royal muttered with his eyes still closed and opened the car door. He staggered up the walkway behind me acting drunker than when we’d left the club.
Once inside, I aimed him toward the couch. “I think you better go to sleep.”
I went to my room, stripped down to my boxers and put on a clean T-shirt, then came back out expecting Royal to be asleep. Instead, the only thing resting on the couch was his shirt that he’d apparently shed.
Noises drew me to the kitchen where I found Royal standing shirtless with his jeans unbuttoned and partially unzipped as though he’d started to take them off but never finished.
He fumbled around in the cabinet and pulled out the brand-new bottle of tequila I’d bought the other day which was now almost empty. “I need a drinkie.” He opened another cabinet and grabbed a glass.
A drinkie?
I took the glass from his hand and put it back. “No more drinkies tonight. And you told me you only had three drinks earlier. Over half this damn bottle is gone.” I pointed at my tequila with a sneer.
“Ooops.” He chuckled at his fib and backed me against the counter, his hard body only an inch from mine.
I scanned his incredible chest and abs down to his open jeans where the dark hair just above his dick peeked out.
I sucked in a breath and looked away as a wave of heat spread over me and down to my own dick.
Royal gripped the counter on either side of me, pinning me against it as he grinned. “You’re so bloody sexy, Flynn. Even when you’re mad.” He pressed his hard body against mine, causing my knees to almost buckle.
What the hell? Royal had flipped from angry on the ride home to a mix of silly and flirty all of a sudden.
“How many drinks did you have at the club?” I asked, only remembering him drinking the one Marie bought all of us.
“Hmmm….” Royal tapped his rugged jawline humorously as though trying to recall the number. “Marie bought me one…no…two…or maybe it was three.” He grinned. “I lost count.”
Dammit Marie.    
“Oh…Sawyer bought me one, also.” He smiled. “I like that bloke.”
“Yeah,” I said. “Sawyer is a good bloke, as you put it. Now, I think it’s time for beddy-bye.” I didn’t know why I was using words like beddy-bye, maybe because he used drinkie.
Royal chuckled and backed away, giving me a view of the huge bulge down the leg of his open jeans. I wanted to grab his zipper and yank it up before a something popped out.
The crazy thing was normally I loved surprise packages. And Royal’s looked enticing as hell. The long, thick impression in his jeans all but told me what I’d receive if I dared explore inside. But I’d taken that damn vow not to open and enjoy any packages…at least for now, and I still held on to that…if only by a string.
I cursed myself as I led Royal to the couch and made him stretch out for sleep. Then hurriedly tossed the sheet over his tempting body so I could bring my racing heartbeat down to a normal level.
“Don’t get back up,” I commanded.
He chuckled. “Oooh, I like bossy Flynn.”
I rolled my eyes at him, turned off the lamp and went to the bathroom, then shut the door and brushed my teeth.
By the time I finished, exhaustion had set in.
I left the bathroom quietly, hoping Royal had passed out. All hope died the second I opened my bedroom door. I gasped.
Royal was in my bed, obviously naked since his jeans and boxers were on the floor beside him.


Marissa was born and raised in the Southeastern, US and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  Along with her passion for writing, she’s always had a soft spot for hot, sensitive bad boys who are flawed, yet still yearn for that perfect guy to fall in love with.
When she’s not at her computer plotting steamy male/male love stories, Marissa is usally with her boyfriend and their “baby”, a German shepherd named Tyler.
She also loves spending time with close friends. Her perfect night out is at the local Mexican restaurant with a pitcher of frozen margaritas, her favorite drink btw.

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