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Rainbow Advent Calendar

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My story is a short one adapted from a prompt in my Facebook author group.

Bikers doing a gift drop off at the kids hospital. The boss falls for a nurse/doctor

In Santa’s Arms

© Sue Brown 2019

“Charlie! You’re here! Look at my new pyjamas!”
A whirlwind with a mop of sandy-blond hair rushed over as Charlie pushed through the double doors of the children’s ward and flung his skinny arms around Charlie’s legs.
Trapped by the small boy, Charlie grinned down at him. “Hey Jake! You’re out of bed and rocking those Spiderman jammies!”
Jake gave him a gappy grin. “Mum said Santa left them under the tree for me.” Then his face wrinkled, and he tugged Charlie down to whisper in his ear. “I think my mum bought them for me, but I won’t tell her. You promise to keep the secret?”
Charlie nodded solemnly. “I promise.”
He had kept many secrets like that over the years.
“Has Santa been here yet?” he asked, although he knew the answer.
Jake shook his head. “’Mela says he’ll be here soon and he’s bringing all his elves cos it’s their holiday now.”
Charlie grinned. Amelia, one of the ward sisters, said the same thing every year.
He’d come in on his day off to help with Santa’s visit. It was Christmas Day. Charlie’s best and worst day of the year.
Best because it was Christmas and Charlie reverted to a big kid when it came to the festive season. If he had his way, he’d put the enormous Christmas tree up on the first day of October.
Best because he worked with amazing kids, and it didn’t matter how sick they were, when he saw their eyes light up as Santa Claus visited them, it made it all worthwhile.
Worst because he would see Santa again. Charlie sighed. He sighed again.
He’d had three years of watching the man of his dreams ho-ho-hoing into the ward to gasps and giggles from the children. Three years of watching the big man talk gently to children, some of whom would never see the New Year, let alone another Christmas.
Three years of watching Santa listening intently to the children whisper their dreams to him. Charlie always swallowed back a lump in his throat and wondered how he got so lucky to see this.
But it was also three years of knowing Santa didn’t even realise he existed. It wasn’t that he hadn’t had boyfriends in between, but none of them had excited him like his annual glimpse of Santa. Short of dragging Santa into the supply cupboard, holding up mistletoe, and saying, “Surprise!”, he didn’t know how to attract the big man’s attention. Big wasn’t a euphemism. He was twice Charlie’s size in height and width. And he made Charlie’s mouth water. He wanted to climb Santa like a tree.
“Charlie, Charlie, look at my Lego!”
He was distracted from his lustful and definitely NSFW thoughts by Jamal waving a box at him. Lego pieces spilled over the bed and onto the floor.
Charlie rushed over to help the little boy pick them up. “Oh, hey buddy, you don’t want to lose pieces before you’ve had a chance to make it.”
It took five minutes to make sure all the Lego pieces were safely in the box and Jamal’s heavily pregnant mother thanked him for his help. She didn’t scold her son. Jamal was notoriously clumsy, and they all took it in their stride now.
“Ten minutes to Santa!” Amelia called.
Excited yelling and cheering and clapping filled the ward, and Charlie cheered along with the rest of them, whilst his heart skipped a beat. He would see Santa again!
He dumped his backpack and jacket in the ward office and went out to help position children, chairs and beds around the large windows.
“Is Santa coming on a sleigh?” one of the children asked as they were finally all in place.
“Something better,” Charlie promised.
The parents and kids all looked a bit bemused by the sudden activity, but the staff knew it would be worth it.
Jake peered eagerly out of the window. “Is he coming on Rudolph?”
Charlie grinned at him. He’d spotted something in the distance. “Just watch.”
The children’s ward overlooked the main entrance to the hospital. A large motorbike rumbled down the drive.
“There’s Santa! There’s Santa!” Jamal screamed.
His mother winced as her son screamed in her ear.
Jamal was right. Santa was on the Harley in the front of a cavalcade of green elves on equally large motorbikes.
“Santa is on Rudolph!” Jake said indignantly to Charlie.
The front of Santa’s motorbike was decorated with a large red nose and antlers.
“So he is,” Charlie agreed, his mouth dry just looking at the large man nicely filling his red suit.
The cavalcade came to a halt outside the entrance and Santa looked up at the window for the children’s ward. They all screamed and waved, and he waved back. The noise in the ward was incredible. Santa swung his leg off his motorbike and waited until his elves joined him on the pavement. He looked up at the window again. He seemed to be searching for something. But then he smiled and disappeared from view as they all entered the hospital.
The children’s ward was always first on Santa’s list, so the staff got everyone settled back in their beds, ready for the visit. Charlie’s heart was pounding so hard he was surprised the kids couldn’t hear it.
This is the last time I drool over Santa. Four years is enough.
He sat with little Anna on his lap as her mum had been delayed. Ana was one of their sickest children this year, but she was still excited by the prospect of meeting Santa.
“I can hear bells,” Jake yelled.
He was right. There were bells outside the door to the ward. Then they opened and Santa strode through, followed by his elves, some of them almost as big as Santa.
“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa bellowed, his blue eyes twinkling as several kids rushed him, including Jake and Jamal.
Charlie sighed like a boy with his first crush. Santa was just perfect. He caught Amelia’s smirk in his direction. Once upon a drunken night at a staff party somewhere, he’d made the mistake of telling her about his lust for Santa. She hadn’t been as drunk as he had been, dammit. She’d never forgotten it.
Santa rose to his feet, Jake and Jamal hanging off him. He looked around the ward and locked gazes with Charlie. It was a second, maybe two at the most, but Charlie stopped breathing.
Then Jamal tugged at his beard and Santa’s attention was diverted.
“Well, well, well,” Amelia murmured, “that was interesting.”
“It was?” Charlie squeaked. He coughed and tried again. “It was?”
“I could fry an egg on your cheeks.” Her smirk was positively wicked.
Charlie was about to tell Amelia where to stuff her egg when one of the elves stomped over to ask her about who Santa should see first. The elf had to be six feet three if he was an inch, and in lurid green spandex and black biker boots, the effect was more than a little alarming. Amelia winked at Charlie and hurried after the elf.
Under Amelia’s direction, Santa made his way around the ward. Charlie tried to stare at him, but it didn’t help that Santa kept sending glances his way. One thing he had learned was that Santa’s beard was real. He’d actually winced when Jamal tugged at it. How did he have a snowy-white beard? What colour was his hair? How old was he?
Anna tugged on his finger and Charlie smiled at her. “Is Santa coming to meet me?”
“Of course he is, Miss Anna.”
“I think Santa likes you,” she said shyly.
Charlie couldn’t hold back a blush. “He likes everyone.”
“He keeps looking at you. I thought you had a bogey hanging out of your nose.”
Charlie gave a bark of laughter, aware of Santa looking his way. “No bogey. Look.”
He wrinkled his nose, laughing harder when she studied his nose very closely.
“No bogey,” she agreed.
She yawned and sucked her thumb contentedly. If Santa didn’t hurry up, Anna would be asleep. Charlie looked over at Santa, caught his eye, and nodded down at the little girl almost dozing in his lap. He didn’t blush…much.
Santa nodded, sent the elves ahead to the other children so they didn’t feel forgotten and strode over to Charlie and Anna. He knelt down in front of them and smiled at Anna.
“Merry Christmas, Anna.”
She whispered a sleepy, “Merry Christmas, Santa.”
Charlie wasn’t surprised Santa knew her name. Every year, he wandered around the ward greeting each child by name.
Then Santa looked up at him. “Merry Christmas, Charlie.”
Charlie stopped breathing.
Santa’s lips twitched at Charlie’s wide-eyed stare.
“Uh…hi. I mean, merry Christmas, Santa.”
He knows my name! Oh my God, could I sound more lame?
Santa grinned and then looked at Anna. “You look a little sleepy.”
She nodded, yawned, and pressed into Charlie.
Santa reached into his sack and pulled out a large brightly wrapped box with a pink bow on top.
She sat up and stared at it. “Is that for me?”
Charlie grinned at the awe in her voice. He didn’t know what it was, but the local toy shop, who donated toys to the children in hospital, always put in wonderful gifts. He glanced at Santa who returned his grin, and for a moment, time stood still. It could have been just them in the room.
Santa coughed softly and stood up. “I must visit the other children or my elves get annoyed. Bye bye, Anna.”
“Bye, Santa.”
He walked away with a quick wink to Charlie who knew his cheeks were flaming again.
Anna still clutched her present, too tired to even open it. Charlie laid her on the bed, her present next to her. She was asleep before he’d tucked the blanket around her.
“He so likes you,” Amelia hissed in his ear.
Charlie really hoped he was on Santa’s nice list…or maybe the naughty list would be more fun.

Santa visited every child. Jake had tried to get two presents but Santa had told him that would put Jake on the naughty list next year. It was doubtful Jake would see Santa next year but he nodded, smirked, and then gave Santa a stranglehold of a hug. Santa didn’t hesitate to hug him back.
Then they left to visit other wards. Every in-patient received a small gift. The bikers made sure of that.
Charlie watched them go with a sigh.
Merry Christmas, Santa. I wish you were mine.
“For heaven’s sake, go after him,” Amelia said as they walked into her office. “I can’t bear seeing you moon over him for another year.”
“I can’t do that,” Charlie protested. “I don’t even know if he’s gay.”
Amelia rolled her eyes. “I know you’re pretty, but how did you get to be a nurse? You’re so oblivious.”
“What do you mean?”
Charlie knew but he just wanted someone else to confirm it.
“Our Santa wants you to sit on his lap so you can ride him like a cowboy.”
“You’ve got two options, Charlie-boy. Fuck him or forget him.”
He shook his head. “You have way too much imagination.”
Amelia threw up her hands. “Whatever. Go home before I put you to work. Are you going over to your parents?”
“Not tonight. We’re doing Christmas Day tomorrow. I’m going to watch the entire series of Fast and Furious and drink lousy beer because my brother drank my vodka when he broke up with his girlfriend.”
“You could come over to my house and drink cheap gin with the wife until I get home.”
He was touched. Amelia fiercely guarded her privacy and he was one of the only members of the ward staff to meet her wife and children.
“That’s really kind of you, but I’m going to go home and dream Santa comes down my chimney tonight.”
She squinted at him. “Is that a euphemism?”
“I’m going now!”
Charlie grabbed his backpack and hurried out of the office before she could suggest anything else.
As he left the ward he looked over at Anna. She was still asleep, her arm around the unwrapped present. Her mum had arrived and sat on the chair by the bed. She waved when she caught sight of Charlie and he waved back. He didn’t believe in prayers, but if he did, Anna and her family surely deserved them.
On impulse, Charlie walked along the corridor to the windows overlooking the main entrance. Rudolph and his motorcycle gang were still there. He wasn’t surprised. It was going to take a while to get around all the wards. Charlie resisted the urge to hunt down Santa. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to drag him into the supply cupboard, but he’d spent four years staring at him from afar; Charlie knew his limitations.
He ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time and rounded the corner to run into a leather wall.
“Shit!” Charlie yelped as someone grabbed him before he rebounded and cracked his head against an actual wall.
“Charlie, are you all right?”
Bright twinkly blue eyes. A white beard. No, not white. Blond, with white dye in it. Gorgeous blond hair so pale it looked white in this light. The leather was right. Black leather jacket, trousers, and boots.
The man furrowed his brow. “Charlie? Are you hurt?”
He knew Charlie’s name. He did?
Charlie’s mouth fell open. “Santa?”
Santa snorted. “Not until next year. Now I’m just Iain.”
There was nothing ‘just’ about this man. He was as big and solidly muscled as Charlie had imagined under the Santa suit.
Charlie tore his eyes away from Santa’s—Iain’s—chest and looked up at him. “What are you doing here? Did you leave something behind?”
“No. Yes.” Iain huffed.
Charlie couldn’t help the twitch of his lips. “Which is it?”
“Not something. Someone. I left you behind.”
“Me?” Charlie did that squeak again.
“Look, you probably don’t want to, and you might not even be…, but I can’t take another year of waiting to see you and not asking.”
The words tumbled out, so fast Charlie had trouble keeping up. But then he worked through it and realised Iain was trying to ask him…something.
“Ask me what?”
Charlie needed to know exactly what he was saying yes to.
“Coffee, or beer, or a meal. Anything. If you’re free.”
“Everywhere is closed today.”
“Tomorrow then. Something will be open tomorrow,” Iain declared.
Charlie was about to say yes and then he realised he had Christmas dinner at his parents.
“I can’t,” he said regretfully.
Iain’s face fell and he took a step back. “Oh, okay. Well, thanks for listening to me babble.”
He went to walk down the stairs. In a panic, Charlie leapt at Iain and pushed him into the wall, knocking the breath out of him. Iain stared at him; his eyes huge above his beard.
“No! Wait!” It was Charlie’s turn to babble. “I do want to, and I am gay, and God yes, I want to drink coffee and beer and anything with you, but tomorrow I have dinner with my parents.” He dragged in a breath and carried on. “Are you doing anything now? I mean, I only have cheap beer and frozen pizza, but I was going to watch DVDs for the rest of the day. I know it’s not exciting, but you’re welcome to join me. If you want…that is.
Charlie ground to a halt feeling a bit stupid. Where was a supply cupboard when you needed one?
Iain still had that wide-eyed look but now he was smiling. “I understand. You can’t miss the family dinner.” He licked his lips. “I’m on my own. My flatmate is away. Would you like to come over for dinner? It’s not up to frozen pizza standards, but I’m not a bad cook.”
“You don’t have anywhere else to be?” Charlie asked, sounding a little breathy.
Santa was asking him to dinner!! And then a few more !!!!!!! for good measure.
“No. My parents have gone on a cruise. They asked me but I couldn’t get the time off.”
Charlie beamed at him. “I’d love to come for dinner.”
Iain breathed out and Charlie realised he’d been holding it as he waited for Charlie’s answer.
“That’s great! Are you free now? I noticed you weren’t in uniform.”
Charlie nodded. “I’m off today. I just like helping out.”
So I could see you.
Iain looked relieved. “Come on then.”
“Aren’t you supposed to be going around the hospital with your sack of presents?”
Iain looked a bit sheepish. “My friends got sick of me mooning over you. They told me to put up or shut up. I’m paraphrasing here.”
Charlie flushed a little as he remembered Amelia’s words. “The sister on the ward said the same thing.”
“One of the elves is now playing Santa. I’m free to do what I’ve wanted to for a very long time.”
“What’s that?” Charlie asked breathlessly. He looked up to see the green leaves and white berries in Iain’s meaty hand above their heads. “Oh. You’ve got mistletoe.”
“May I kiss you?” Iain murmured, his gaze locked on Charlie’s mouth.
This huge biker wanted to kiss him too! It was a Christmas miracle!
Charlie nodded and pressed in close. “Yes, please, Santa.”
Large arms wrapped around him and he was gathered up against Iain’s body. He curled his fingers in the jacket and tilted his head for Iain to kiss him. Iain’s mouth was warm, and he tasted a little of mint. Charlie wanted the kiss to go on forever.
When breathing had become a necessity, Iain pulled back and looked down at him. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”
Charlie didn’t ask why he hadn’t. It didn’t matter right now. He was where he wanted to be; in Santa’s arms.

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