Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Brief talk on publishing models

As my day job is expanding, I've said goodbye to some of the things I've been doing over the last two years, including being part of a writing group.

In the early stages, I gave a talk on digital publishing, and I was thrilled when one of the members said it encouraged one of her family members to self-publish his own book. Here it is again.

Think beyond the traditional model of publishing. You don’t have to send your manuscript to agents, and if you’re lucky enough to be accepted, then wait to get a publishing contract. Now there is more than one way of getting your books read globally.
 Think of the following models of publishing
·                     Traditional model – manuscript to agent, then to publisher.
·                     Digital model – manuscript direct to a digital publisher, ebook and print both available online
·                     Self-publishing – you control the publishing of your book.

I’m a hybrid author. Hybrid authors are ones who have books with publishers and are self-published. I’ve been published for 6 years by digital publishers, and I’ve self-published several books. I’m going to talk about the advantages of digital publishing, and a brief discussion on the cons. Feel free to ask me any questions and if you want to know more, email me at

Monday, 13 August 2018

Writing, releases, plans, and other genres

So yesterday's post was about my travels.

Today's post is about my writing. This is an odd year for me. I've been writing up a storm, but at the moment, nothing is finished, and I've been focused on non M/M Romance.

Let's focus on Releases.

Speed Dating the Boss was released in June, the first of my Cowboys and Angels series.

Cover art by KaNaXa
Buylinks: Dreamspinner Amazon


Will a mix of privilege and blue-collar be a recipe for love… or disaster?

Dan’s pretty satisfied with his job at the working-class bar Cowboys and Angels, enjoying his simple life, apartment, and cat. He could do without the fights that break out in the bar, his boss’s meddling daughter, Ariel… oh, and a brutal unrequited crush on his straight, alpha boss, Gideon.

When Dan’s friend prepares to tie the knot, everyone insists Dan needs a date for the wedding. Before he can protest, Ariel arranges a gay speed-dating event at the bar with Gideon as a participant. The unforeseen revelation from Gideon that he’s bisexual raises Dan’s hopes, especially when Gideon announces he wants to accompany Dan to the wedding. Could Gideon really be interested in Dan?

When Dan needs someone most, Gideon offers his unconditional support, showing Dan the kind of man he really is, with genuine commitment. Teaming up to save the wedding from a hungover groom and intolerant parents, can Gideon convince Dan they’re the best match since beer and pizza?

Cover art by Meredith Russell
At the end of August, I'll be releasing the boxset of the Lyon Road Vets complete series. Amazon link to follow.

Peter and Evan, Will and Lawrence, Jesse and Dan, friends and neighbours with one thing in common; the love of their dogs. As Peter mourns the loss of Harry, Evan brings a lively puppy into their lives, who takes over their home and hearts. Will’s young beagle, Bob, hasn’t met a trainer he can’t break. Is Lawrence the exception? Dan walks away from Jesse after too many broken promises. Will Jesse’s puppy, Norman, manage to bring them back together?

Secretly Dating the Lionman, the second in the Cowboys and Angels series will be out in November.

Can a man burdened with family drama find his way into the arms of a happy-go-lucky stripper called Lionman?

Cris likes a drink at Cowboys and Angels bar after his shift at the strip club—until one night when a trashed young guy named Mikey tries to kiss him. He’s not Cris’s type, but Cris is good enough to see the kid home safely. There he meets Mikey’s handsome older brother, Bennett, and there’s an immediate spark between them.

But Bennett might not be in a position to start a relationship, let alone with the carefree Cris. He’s trying desperately to hold his family together, with a younger brother who’s running off the rails and hostile parents who will never accept not just one, but two gay sons.

When Cris is unexpectedly fired and Bennett’s family drama escalates, they turn to each other for support. But can a shoulder to lean on develop into something much closer, something they both deserve?

Plans - A lot of people are asking me about Hello My Angel and Alpha Trucker. The fact is I'm totally jammed on both on them. I still plan to finish both series, but until the boys cooperate I'm truly stuck.

Other genres - Watch this space. I've been writing other genres  because my brain dried up on M/M. My heart is still in M/M, but the boys aren't talking. Any suggestions?

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Planes, boats, cars and monkeys

So if you'd read the title, you'd see that one of the four things does not compute.

Let me explain...

It's been a while since I've done a personal post on here. It's not that I haven't had things to talk about, but life has been full with good things.

I picked up my son up from his first year in uni in the middle of June. Good grief, he's been back almost two months. Since then, I've had a book release, travelled, had guests, written furiously, and my day job has expanded.

Let's start with the day job. I've worked for Dreamspinner in the Art department for nearly four years. That expanded to Art Coordinator a few months ago which means I'm more involved in the art process from start to finish. As of this week, I'm also working for the Marketing department as administrator. This is really exciting. It also means I'm now working full time for Dreamspinner. I'm still feeling my way through one job and now I'm taking on another one. I must be mad!

I realise that will reduce my writing time, but I work better under pressure, and I don't have any commuting time. I intend to give myself 'commuter/writing time' either end of my working day. Even with all the things I've done this in the last couple of months, I've managed to write 35k, which is really good for me.

Since the start of July, I've been to Euro Pride Con in Amsterdam, the Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate, and to Weymouth with my daughter to see my monkey.

Me with TJ Masters and Shaun Young
Planes - Euro Pride Con was a blast, and it was great to meet old friends, make new friends, and talk all things M/M. I was co-opted on the diversity panel after the wonderful Sid Love wasn't able to visit. He would have been the best choice, but I hope I was able to add to the conversation as a very late coming out bi woman.

LE Franks came back with me and we did some serious sight-seeing to Polesden Lacey and Brighton. This was the return visit after my trip to San Francisco several years ago. LE also made my kids' day with hugs bags of American candy!

We had a bit of an epic journey to get to London City Airport to make LE's flight to Dublin. It was during the heatwave and London is hard work in the heat.

Boats - Although the heat did lead to a wonderful evening on the Thames with JL Merrow, watching fireworks and tall ships.

Cars - Then I was off to the Crime Writing Festival with Clare London. Phew!

We had a wonderful weekend. This is us waiting for a talk with Lee Child and John Grisham.
They were really entertaining.
I love being a punter and being able to switch 'Sue' off for the day to listen to other authors.

Monkeys - Finally, I spent a wonderful couple of days in Weymouth with my daughter last week. On the way down we visited this young man. Zak, is a golden-cheeked gibbon at Monkey World. I have to be honest, there are two young males in the cage. We saw both, but I'm not sure this is my adopted guy. I'll say yes, just in case. He was front and forward, the other one stayed in the back.

This is part 1 of my catch up. Part 2 will come tomorrow.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Giveaway: Blackwood Pack by Mary Rundle

Mary Rundle has a new MM paranormal mpreg book out in her Blackwood Pack series:

About the Series:

Blackwood Pack Series

Join the journey of the Blackwood Pack, seven brothers who are gay wolf shifters in search of their fated mates – stories about love at first sight with twists and turns, angst and humor, romance and adventure. Each book has two main characters who meet, fall in love, mate and achieve an HEA but the stories also chronicle the continuing saga of the Blackwood Pack. The series is best appreciated by reading the books in order.


Mary is giving away a $15 Amazon gift certificate with this tour – for a chance to win, enter via Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Direct Link:

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Final Admission

Sometimes the mask slips...

Romance that makes you work hard.


E-books: Dreamspinner | Amazon 

Print: Dreamspinner | Amazon

Audiobook: iTunes | Amazon Audible

When Ethan Williams lands a job at Bingwell, Brock and Bacon, he realizes his coworkers aren’t exaggerating about James Trenchard. He really is a dick. But after Ethan is forced to work closely with James, he realizes there’s more to the lawyer than meets the eye.

Vibrant Ethan is a desperate reason to live again as James endures silent guilt and abuse from his husband after an accident. He calls Ethan for help after a beating, and stolen moments soon become the norm, but they can’t hide forever.

Ethan’s coworkers think he got his promotion because James is sweet on him, James is still being beaten despite his family’s concern, and the situation is swiftly becoming intolerable. Ethan and James need to find a way out of the cycle that’s hurting them both before their brand new love suffers as well.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Finding My Way Home by Kendel Duncan


Book Title: Finding My Way Home – Doyle Global Securities #2

Author: Kendel Duncan 

Publisher: Dare Publishing & Design

Cover Artist: Dara Nelson & Dan Skinner

Release Date: July 25, 2018

Genre/s: Gay Romance, MM

Length: 53 000 words/230 pages

It is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone.

Buy Links - Available on Kindle Unlimited

Saturday, 28 July 2018

SALE: The Isle of... Where for 99c

The Isle of... Where is on sale for 99C
on Amazon and Dreamspinner, and on Kindle Unlimited until July 31st

                                                Buylinks: Dreamspinner | Amazon