Welcome to my space. I write M/M Romance. Over here I showcase my books and other talented authors of LGBTQ fiction.

This is the point I suggest if you're under 18 or don't like reading romance with lovely guys we say goodbye.

For those of you willing to take the journey, welcome to my world.

I write stories set in the UK and America across the genres. I have a passion for contemporary and cowboys.
I have dabbled in historical and paranormal. My only criteria is every book has a Happy Ever After - well, almost.

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In his spare moments Kit carves wooden cocks but he never expects
the model of one of his carvings to step into his shop.
Steve Mullins is gorgeous and pushes all of Kit's buttons.
For a few days they get to know each other and Kit
is the happiest he's been for years.
Then one of the local businessmen is murdered and Steve discovers the body.
When Steve becomes the number one suspect,
Kit discovers his friends and family have been hiding a dark secret.


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